Collection: Signage: Residential & Commercial

Grande Prairie’s Customized Signage Hub: TrimFX Sign & Design

Can you imagine a world without sign boards? Neither can we! How else would we know if there was a big event, a yard sale or if you should beware of the dog? TrimFX Sign & Design in Grande Prairie offers customized signs that cover specific signage solutions for all unique needs.

Even though much of our business is for oil field usage, we provide signage for any purpose you can imagine. Whether you want your sign with plain text printed on cardboard or routed letters cut out of a different material, we can do it all!

Residential Signs

Our collection of residential signs includes signs such as ‘for sale’, ‘no trespassing’ and ‘beware of dog,’ informational signage, congratulatory yard signs and many more!

Commercial Signage

TrimFX Sign & Design has a wide selection of styles for commercial uses, such as grand opening announcements, seasonal sale banners and other uses.

We also make signage boards with reflective or non-reflective signs such as safety signage, road signs and construction signs. Our services extend to political and organizational signs for fundraisers, publicity campaigns and other signage needs.

Variety of Materials

We have signs available from Coroplast™, Dibond® and Sintra, offered in a wide range of materials, including magnetic, aluminum, styrene and plywood. For all your home and business signage needs, Contact us through phone or email.